Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, almost anyway...I've just finished the chapter outlines for the remaining two books in my Chronicles of Soone series. Tentative subtitles are:

The Chronicles of Soone: War Machine

The Chronicles of Soone: Apocalypse

I really hope these and Rise of Lucin get a chance with a Christian Publisher--yep, I'm still waiting to hear what the verdict will be on COS: Rise of Lucin. But in the meantime I've been able to not only outline these, but four novels for my next series, Ethan Hawk, as well. This will all save me a ton of actual writing time when it comes down to it. Please continue to keep me in your prayers for this publishing contract! I've heard back from two publishers which have declined publication--the third is undecided at this time. The Lord's will be done!


Brian Tubbs said...

Any chance Breakneck will publish the revised first installment? I don't know how much of a rewrite you did, but I'd obviously like to read the new "Heir to the King" before going to "Rise of Lucin."

Just thought I'd be difficult for you today. :-)

Will keep praying for good news!

James Somers said...

Brian--Breakneck has indicated that they would re-publish the revised version. However, I'm waiting to see what happens with Rise of Lucin. It just might be that a larger publisher like those with that manuscript would be interested in Heir to the King and purchase rights, making it a moot point to re-publish the revision at Breakneck. But if one of them wants to simply begin the series with Rise of Lucin and the subsequent two novels I've outlined to finish off the series then Breakneck will definitely be doing it. It's all a waiting game at this point. HOwever...if you want to read the PDF version of the revision, I'd be glad to send it to you? The revisions were mainly the addition of a more detailed prologue and changes which introduced Lucin at the beginning and made him a more seamless villian throughout--along with much needed grammatical phrasing changes. Just alot of NIP & TUCK, since it was my first novel. It's amazing how much you learn after the first!