Thursday, February 12, 2009


CYNDERE'S MIDNIGHT by JEFFREY OVERSTREET is the new sequel to Auralia's Colors by Waterbrook Publishing.

House Abascar has fallen in a torrential firestorm and Auralia has been transformed and taken by the mysterious Northchildren. In the wake of the destruction King Calraven tries to hold together the refugee survivors of his once great house, Auralia's young friend, ale boy, now impervious to flame, roams the land saving people from the ruins and from Cent Regus beastmen seeking to plunder the remains. Meanwhile, the heiress, Cyndere, has lost her husband to the beastmen as he sought to find survivors in Abascars ruins and she hopes to fulfill their dream of freeing the brutish beastmen from the Cent Regus curse of the Essence.

Mr. Overstreet has not lost his flare for dramatic prose. It is quite lyrical at times and while some complain of the broken conventions of writing, I say, rules were made to be broken--at least if it produces an interesting product. On the upbeat, Cyndere's midnight seems more focused than its predecessor and Overstreet being a Christian novelist we can begin to find the allegory that may be lurking beneath the obvious. Personally, I'm glad to see that element coming least I believe I'm seeing it :)

On the downbeat, Cyndere's midnight suffers a bit from the lack of Auralia. And while I understand the progression of the plot, she was a very interesting character. Still Cyndere begins to become endearing, though I have to say, my personal favorites here are the ale boy and the beastman, Jordam. The beastmen are great characters and add the action element here. Unfortunately the novel doesn't MOVE swiftly, but for the patient reader, you'll find an enjoyable sequel.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


HEY FOLKS, I wanted to let you know that The Chronicles of Soone: Rise of Lucin is now available in two formats!

Lucin, the Fallen One, is victorious on planet Castai and the reign of the king has ended in a savage coup. The final days of mankind's hope are fading with the rise of a sinister foe.

King Tiet Soone and a small band of warriors have barely escaped planet Castai with their lives. No place is safe for them with Lucin on the hunt.

A mysterious prophet has come to direct the king towards his destiny—a second confrontation with Lucin and his army of assimilated humans. But with the reconciliation of Lucin's Mithrial brethren, the Agonotti, the odds for success are worse than ever. Outnumbered and outmatched, the king must risk all he has left or witness the end of mankind.

This sequel to COS:Heir to the King has tons of action and a lot of plot twists...I don't want to give it away, but a major character meets his demise in this one! Thanks to Jeremy Robinson for another great cover!