Friday, March 28, 2014

RAGE: Crisis Sequence One is Now FREE on Kindle and other Ebook Formats!
As promised, the Crisis Sequence has begun. RAGE is now live on Amazon Kindle at 230 pages with an Audio Book edition coming in the next few months. For Descendants fans, this novel picks up where VENDETTA leaves off... However, the novel is completely accessible to those who've not yet read the Descendants Saga. In fact, Descendants novels only explain one of the mysteries found in Crisis Sequence. So, call it secret knowledge only Descendants fans will have. You're ahead of the curve :)

Crisis Sequence: focuses upon Jonathan Parks who may be the cause of a viral pandemic threatening London, England and the world beyond. He has no idea how it happened, but it's happened, and now something has to be done to stop it before the infected overtake all of humanity. Foreign governments isolate themselves and seek to lay hold of this boy who may represent the only hope for a cure to this modern day plague.
 Also, I have news for "Wielder Saga" fans wanting to know about a sequel to "A World Within," which has been out for several years, and is now FREE on AMAZON KINDLE as well as other e-book formats. I'm going to begin work in the next Wielder Saga Book next week. I'm not sure how long it will take to release, since I'm also working on CRISIS SEQUENCE, but this is better than not working on it at all. I anticipate being done by end of this coming Summer... just don't hold me to it. I'm usually early rather than late on my self imposed deadlines. However, if you've enjoyed "A World Within," then you might want to check out my Audio Books because I'm hoping to have an Audio Book for "A World Within" out through very soon!

Stay tuned to this Bat-Station for upcoming releases and news!