Friday, February 15, 2013


Hey guys, my new 3rd novel in the Descendants Saga, "REVENANT," is now officially available on in Kindle format!

For those of you who may have picked up a free copy of FALLEN on Nook or another e-reader, I'm sorry, but only the free novels get distributed around in other formats besides Kindle. The sequels are only available on Kindle because of the KDP Amazon program. They must remain exclusive to Amazon for that reason...however, Kindle apps are free for reading on tablets, PC's, and iphone/android. I use these apps myself for kindle reading and I know they are very good. So, if you want to pick up a free kindle app from Amazon's site then you should have no problem getting the sequels.

Thanks so much for everyone's interest in this series! I'm currently working on the 4th novel "MILLENNIUM," which should be out in a few months, at the latest by the Summer at some time. Stay tuned here for all updates, as usual, and please go back to AMAZON TO POST REVIEWS, if you enjoyed any of my novels! Every good review helps tremendously!