Thursday, August 31, 2006

Major Character Death At End of Chronicles 2

Hello everyone,

I am about to pen the final chapter of The Chronicles of Soone: Sons of Perdition, the second book in the Chronicles trilogy. I've just killed off one of the most important characters in the series. It's like watching the end of Star Trek Generations all over again. (clue)

Of course anyone becoming interested in the Chronicles series with the release of Heir to the King in November 2006, will have to wait probably another year to see what I'm talking about in Sons of Perdition.

I'm going to set this book aside when I'm finished, allowing a bit of time before going back to proofread and edit it the first time. I want to have enough of a break from it so that mistakes will really jump out at me and ultimately save time in the editing process.
I plan to submit Sons of Perdition to my Publisher, Breakneck Books, sometime following the release of Heir to the King in November. Hopefully, they will decide to grab it up for publication in 2007, but we shall see.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Editing, Formatting, PDF All Done--Reviews Time

Hello all,

The Editing is done (thank the Lord!) and BNB has finished the formatting and sent me the final PDF of Chronicles and it looks great. I couldn't be more pleased with how everything is progressing.

Now the review copies (ARC) go out to various reviewers and hopefully they will be good. All the pre-release reviews have been wonderful so far.

The comic is progressing and I may have some Character designs to share soon...I'm working on the script right now and things are going smoothly. I hope to see this comic proposal accepted for publication by a comic publisher in the near future.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally Done With Editing

Hello one and all,

I pulled a long one last night, staying up until 2:30am to finish the edits for The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King.

The manuscript goes back to Breakneck Books for formatting and then the book will go out to reviewers as ARC's.

November is closing in!!

I'm working with a comic book artist on a proposal series that will serialize the novel. The artist is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School, supposed to be the best, and we hope to submit to various comic book publishers in the near future.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Chronicles Comic Book?!

Hello one and all,

Well, some exciting news to share.

First there may be a Chronicles of Soone Comic series coming sometime in the future. I am currently corresponding with an Artist-graduate of the Stanley Kubrick school, and he has expressed interest in putting together a proposal to shop around to Comics Publishers. One Publisher has already expressed interest in reading my novel when review copies become available from Breakneck (very soon). So we shall see what happens from all of this, but I'm working diligently to try and spread the story around to different media. I believe the story will definitely benefit from visual media like comics and hopefully everything will work out.

I am close to finishing edits and the book will be formatted and sent out as ARC's to reviewers after that. I love reviews!! So far the ones I secured before being published have been extremely positive, and of course they are posted at my website and at along with brief synosis and my author interview with Breakneck Books.

I'm also working with my website designer on a HTML email newsletter style notice to send out far and wide when the book becomes available for sale.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Editing Time!

Hello all,

I've just been noticing that the book is getting popped well, over at under the books heading and so is the website.
I'm about to jump full force into the editing phase of the book's publication. As soon as I recieve the manuscript back from my editor, it will be non-stop corrections and ironing out any wrinkles.

The book is officially slated for a November 2006 release and I'm definitely looking forward to that day when its finally available to the public.

The second Chronicles book, Sons of Perdition, is fast approaching completion and it will be time to do some major proofreading and revision before I submit the manuscript to Breakneck Books. If all goes well, Heir to the King will be successful and my publisher will decide to publish Sons of Perdition; maybe even next year.

Beyond that I'm planning on taking a break to do some reading. I've got The Didymus Contingency and Golem to read and I'm going to be doing a review for J.C. De La Torres' Ancient Rising while he will be doing a review a for Chronicles.

During my break, I will also be doing some final planning for my next novel, which will be a futuristic thriller called Night Falls (subtitle pending). I am planning to write this novel in between Sons of Perdition and the final Chronicles novel, They Kingdom Come.

Keep looking for The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King hitting stores worldwide November 2006 and please visit my new website at