Monday, January 26, 2009


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


WEll, we stand upon the making of history today with our first Black President. Some people are mad, some sad, some worrying themselves to death over what this all portends for Christians. I for one am not the least bit worried.
I know some may think our next president is the anti-christ or something or the kind, but biblically I'm sure that isn't the case. That person will ride into history after the Christ removes the church (according to the order given in Revelation).
I'm reminded that God has not lost control of the world for even a moment and the same goes for today. The next administration should be an interesting one to be sure, but God is still in control. WE are a day closer to the coming of the Lord Jesus today-the same could be said for yesterday, and the day before that.
Beyond everything happening in the world, I'm confident that no matter my personal circumstances, God is firmly in control. I'm saved by his gracious sacrifice for my sins and no one can take away Eternal Life granted unto me through faith in Jesus Christ. I'm glad God elected/ chose to accept everyone who would believe on His son and glad that God convinced me to receive him as my personal savior and become a part of that elect group.
Everything is right with the world...God's plan and purpose is right on schedule...and believers must simply strive to do the work we are left here to do--proclaim salvation through God's son, his sacrifice for the cleansing of sin, his resurrection for our justification and his soon coming again!NOthing in the world can stop God's purposes...that allows me peace which passes all understanding!