Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hey everyone--

I have some great news to share...my current publisher, Breakneck Books, is merging with Variance LLC Publishing. Breakneck will become the paperback division while Variance will do Hardbacks. My friend bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, will be re-releasing his books Antarktos Rising and The Didymus Contingency as hardbacks through variance...and kudos to Jeremy for a recent three book deal with St. Martin's Press!

What does this merger mean for myself...well my novel, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King will be re-published as a mass market paperback with a small print run allowing it to be marketed and distributed to Brick and Mortar bookstores nationwide, instead of merely being available on Amazon.com and other online bookstores.

My hope is to also submit my revised version of Chronicles for the mass market paperback as many grammatical errors remained in the first version...please pray for me on that!

Also, my publisher has given me license to begin a serialized version of Chronicles of Soone in PODCAST form...which should soon be available in weekly episodes on podiobooks.com!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson. Playwright Peterson (Behold the Lamb of God) spins a whimsical fantasy novel that will appeal to both adult and YA readers. When the three Igiby siblings find a mysterious map, they embark on an adventure to discover family secrets about the father they never knew and a hidden treasure that many have long desired to find. Leeli, the youngest, can sing with a beauty that captivates dragons; Tink, the middle sibling, has the makings of a king; and Janner, the eldest, possesses a bravery that will protect them all. But the children's curiosity get the entire Igiby family into trouble with the Fangs of Dang—frightening, scaly-skinned, lizard creatures that drip venom—who have ruled the land of Scree since the Great War. Soon, the Igibys are scrambling for their lives. Peterson's style is lighthearted and funny, but following the Igibys' story requires patience and attention to detail and character so as not to get lost. The sheer amount of names, places, creatures and history Peterson invents will frustrate some readers—it is so complicated that he inserts explanatory historical footnotes throughout (though many are amusing).

“So good–smart, funny, as full of ideas as action.”–Jonathan Rogers, author of The Wilderking Trilogy

“A wildly imaginative, wonderfully irreverent epic that shines with wit and wisdom–and features excellent instructions on how to cope with Thwaps, Fangs, and the occasional Toothy Cow.”–Allan Heinberg, writer/co-executive producer of ABC’s Grey's Anatomy, and co-creator of Marvel Comics Young Avengers

“Sometimes, in order to find out who we were supposed to be, we need to get lost in other worlds: Oz, Camelot, Narnia. In On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, Andrew Peterson provides new and needed places like Aerwiar, Skree, and Glipwood–places where we need to get lost and found.”–Michael Card, author of The Hidden Face of God and The Parable of Joy, and singer/songwriter of more than thirty albums

“Totally fun! Andrew Peterson, a natural storyteller in the oral tradition, has nailed the voice needed to translate a rip-roaring fantasy tale to the written page.”–Donita K. Paul, author of DragonSpell, DragonKnight, DragonQuest, and DragonFire