Monday, September 22, 2008


MARCHER LORD PRESS does it again with another enchanting addition to its ranks with "HERO, Second Class," by Mitchell Bonds.

This fantasy tale sets traditional high fantasy on its respective ear and then tickles it. I kn0w Mr. Bonds must keep Monty Python and the Holy Grail jammed into his DVD player because I've not had the pleasure of such wonderful silliness since watching the duel between Authur and The Black Knight.

Bonds is a wonderful storyteller and every bit of this romp is trod with tongue firmly in cheek. Its easy reading and fun to boot. What better way to spend a first class weekend than curled up with Hero, Second Class?


Marcher Lord Press is set to meet some of the growing demand for Christian Speculative Fiction -- that by the way is not being met with the major publishers at the moment.

The Personifid Invasion by R. E. Bartlett takes up the story previously published by Realms Fiction's Personifid Project, also by Bartlett, and delves deeper into a world of human perfection gone horribly wrong. Similar in scope and feel to Scott Westerfields, The Uglies series, this novel series adds the dimension of wicked spirits inhabiting the new bodies people are trading up for. Becoming a Personifid, means becoming artificial but perfect. It also means you might be under demonic control. The writing is crisp and clean and will keep you turning the pages.