Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hey folks...I just happened to find WAyne Batson's new book, ISLE OF SWORDS, yesterday! I wasn't expecting it to be out yet...but I got it bundled with a free copy of The Door Within-lost chapters version...two for one! You can't beat that. I just looked at my wife with puppy dog eyes and she gave in and let me buy it!

I'm already about 1/3 of the way through it and its very good--very piratey! I can tell WAyne has been vegging out on Pirates of the Carribean and probably an abundance of piratey research, because you really get the feeling your onboard.

I'll not give away any of the story, but its very engaging, as WAyne's writing style is very engaging in all that he has written.

I also am reading The Bark of the Bog Owl, by Jonathan Rogers and this is a very different writing style, but very good as well. I would highly recommend both of the books at this point!

Monday, August 20, 2007


From Publishers Weekly: Swashbuckling is the best way to describe Book One of the Trophy Chase Trilogy. Without wasting time, Polivka's first novel drops readers into a fantasy world filled with action, where chivalry is alive and well, and sword fights are frequent. Packer Throme—a failed seminarian turned master swordsman—sets out on a great quest, but not in search of fame. He hopes to honor God by stowing away on (former) pirate Scatter Wilkins's ship Trophy Chase, convincing its captain and crew to seek the legendary firefish—a feat that could raise Packer's fishing village from poverty and win the heart of his longtime love, the beautiful Panna Seline. Happily, Polivka gives this heroine a backbone, not to mention a mighty right hook and her own part to play in this adventure. "It was wrong to have let her, and thousands of young women just like her, believe they had no power, no strength, and therefore could have no place or position," Panna reflects angrily about the plight of women. Though the Packer-Panna romance finds considerable ink, this is a tale almost entirely of pirates, warriors, stormy seas and battles with monsters. The Christian message is palpable, and Polivka's characters relatively complex. With the nonstop action that cuts between multiple story lines, readers will be flipping pages eagerly.

"I am one soldier in a great army of many, many thousands who have been enchanted and changed by the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. When I first ventured into Middle Earth, the outcome of the battle between good and evil, between creation and destruction within my own soul was far from certain. In a very real way the eternal loyalties of my heart were forged in Narnia. It is therefore my sincerest prayer that you will find your journey into the Kingdom of Nearing Vast worthy, if only in some small measure, of so rich a heritage, and so complete a victory.”—George Bryan Polivka, author of Legend of the Firefish

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Hey, guys for any of you who may be interested...I have a preaching broadcast which you can listen to via the WEB on Sundays from 1pm-1:30pm. These are sermons from the services at Grace Baptist Church where I pastor. Just click on the link to the right in the sidebar (on Sundays 1pm) and you'll hear the "KEEP ON THE FIRING LINE" BROADCAST.
Hey and Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing -a Christian imprint of Random House- also has the manuscript reviewing it!

Monday, August 06, 2007


NERVOUS!? What do you mean I look nervous?! No, of course I'm not nervous!

Well, maybe just a seems like the more good news I get the more nervous it makes me on this whole getting my book published business.

Bethany's editor has just told my agent: "Based on the strength of what I’d read previously I’m getting some reviews of the work from Fantasy/Sci-Fi readers. Their opinions will help shape our next step. I won’t have a response based on those comments until late August."

Now, to me that sounds like great news and a step forward. Of course, what if those readers don't like the book? Well, that is a valid question. But the first book (which in my very self critical opinion is not as well written as Rise of Lucin) has received very good reviews from over at and of course my friend, Wayne Batson, was also kind enough to give the first book a wonderful glowing review--gracious words indeed. So, hopefully, since these are fans of the genre who will be doing these reviews for the publisher, they will be very pleased with Chronicles: Rise of Lucin and the book may go forward another step in the gauntlet we call publishing.

I'm not gonna bite my nails--I'm just going to keep on praying for it--His will be done!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Anthology Cover & More Great News!!

Well, for anyone interested, here is the artwork for the upcoming Fantasy Anthology I'm going to be a part of. The Anthology is scheduled to come out in October 2007 and will feature my initial short story version of my new novel: A WORLD WITHIN along with twenty something other fantasy short stories. I get a free copy of the anthology as payment, but I keep all rights (very good since I'm going on with this one to do a complete trilogy of novels). My agent said it will still be good as a publishing credit to make me more marketable. I'm personally just glad someone enjoyed the initial offering and wanted to publish it. Big thanks to author, William Kooiker for getting me an invitation to submit before it became an open call.

Another great chunk of news: TSABA HOUSE PUBLISHING, the same who publish Christopher Hopper's WHITE LION CHRONICLES have asked my agent for the manuscript for THE CHRONICLES OF SOONE: Rise of Lucin. For anyone unfamiliar with Christopher Hopper and his Christian fantasy series, he was one of the four authors on the Fantasy Four book tour with our friend Wayne Batson. Now I know you all know who he is! Anyway, I'm praying for good news on COS: Rise of Lucin from these publishers. That is two out of four publishers, including BETHANY HOUSE, which have now finished the initial book proposal and sample chapters from ICRS last month and have asked for more. I'll take all the prayers I can get on this! Muchas Gracias, Me Amigos!