Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm very excited about the new series I'm working on at the moment. This one has Nephilim as the enemy and used in a way I haven't seen yet. Ethan Hawk is God's young Deliverer in the story, only he doesn't realize it yet (in Moses-esque fashion). He will be empowered more like a judge though, as God has given him special gifts to utilize in the fulfillment of prophecy in this fictional world and the Kingdom of Nod.

I've just finished completely outlining 31 chapters for the first book and I'm planning on continuing to outline the second book now as well. I don't want to get into writing another novel until I hear news about Chronicles of Soone: Rise of Lucin with these publishers. On another positive note: I've just completed a complete revision of COS: Heir to the King (already published with Breakneck books). I'm not sure what will be done with it--remain at Breakneck or what--but I intend for this much needed revision to come out some way. Stay tuned...
Update: I've just completed chapter outlines for the entire four novel ETHAN HAWK series. The fantasy anthology, LEGENDS & FABLES may appear on as early as next month which has my "A World Within" story in it. I sure do hope to hear from my agent soon, with good news on Chronicles of Soone: Rise of Lucin. The waiting game is the hardest part of being an author from what I 've experienced so far...I would gladly swap a deadline for it!

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