Tuesday, October 23, 2007


THE SECRET OF THE SWAMP KING by Jonathan Rogers. I've got to hand it to MR. Rogers, he's done a wonderful job of following up on young Aidan Errolson. He's now a few years older and a member of King DArrow's court. True to the biblical parallels with David, Aidan has incurred the jealous wrath of his king. He may be the most loyal member of King Darrow's court, but Aidan is sent on a suicide mission to the Feechiefen Swamp in order to retrieve the legendary Frog Orchid. King Darrow thinks to see the end of young Aidan, but he meets up with his friend Dobro and becomes a Feechie friend to all Feechies. There's someone impersonating the legendary Wilderking out in the Feechifen and Aidan must find out who is enslaving Feechies to the civilizers ways of war and commerce. This book has more action and more intrigue to it. I loved it and read it in two days. Highly recommended!--James Somers, author: The Chronicles of Soone.


Valerie Comer said...

Thanks for posting a review on the second book! I'll check back tomorrow and see if you've done the third one as well.

Jonathan Rogers said...

Thanks for the great review, James. I think The Secret of the Swamp King is my favorite of the Wilderking books...it's the swampiest of the three, and the most feechiefied.

Robert Treskillard said...

Thanks for reviewing "The Secret of the Swamp King", as I haven't gotten to this book yet to say anything about it! This just wets my appetite.

Will you have a review of "The Way of the Wilderking" tomorrow?