Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwers

Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwers is up this month on the Christian Sci-fi / Fantasy blog tour!

"In this addictively readable futuristic Christian dystopia, Brouwer (The Last Disciple) takes readers inside a state run by literalistic, controlling fundamentalists. There, reading is a serious crime; citizens are drugged into submission; and those who break rules are either sent to slave labor factories or stoned to death. Occasionally, a few brave souls try to escape to 'Outside.'
"At the center of this novel is Caitlyn, a disfigured but graceful and brave young woman whose father essentially orders her to make a run for it. For reasons not revealed (even to Caitlyn) until the very end, she is chased by a variety of people who want her dead or alive. While trying to escape, Caitlin meets up with two traveling companions who have their own reasons for fleeing, and she is aided by a sort of underground railroad. Its leaders believe the fundamentalist government has distorted true Christianity, so they risk everything to help people get Outside to freedom.
"The terrific pacing is surpassed only by the character development; the many supporting characters are extremely well-drawn. Brouwer adds even more suspense by regularly revealing that some of these characters are not who they appear to be."
- Publisher's Weekly

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey folks, my publisher, Variance Publishing, has just come out with their new catalog which includes my first novel, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King.

I'm stoked about the possibilities with this merger of my former publisher, Breakneck Books and Variance. They've got a starting lineup of New York Times and International bestselling authors, so they mean business!

I'm hoping to see great things and be a part of great things over here. I've got two manuscripts up for a submission at Variance, (an action thriller, "HALLOWED BE THY NAME") & (a YA fantasy, "A World Within").

Both are chock full of action and fun characters, so it depends on which one meets the current demand at Variance.