Monday, November 19, 2007


SCARLET by Stephen Lawhead--After losing everything he owns, forester Will Scarlet embarks on a search for none other than King Raven, whose exploits have already become legendary. After fulfilling his quest--and proving himself a skilled and loyal companion--Will joins the heroic archer and his men.
Now, however, Will is in prison for a crime he did not commit. His sentence is death by hanging--unless he delivers King Raven and his band of cohorts.
That, of course, he will never do.
Wales is slowly falling under the control of the invading Normans, and King William the Red has given his ruthless barons control of the land. In desperation, the people turn to King Raven and his men for justice and survival in the face of the ever-growing onslaught.
From deep in the forest they form a daring plan for deliverance, knowing that failure means death for them all.
Scarlet continues Stephen R. Lawhead's riveting saga that began with the novel Hood, which relocated the legend of Robin Hood to the Welsh countryside and its dark forests. Steeped in Celtic mythology and the political intrigue of medival Britain, Lawhead's trilogy conjures up an ancient past and holds a mirror to contemporary realities. Prepare for an epic tale that dares to shatter everything you thought you knew about Robin Hood.

What's being said by fans--"When I read HOOD I have to admit that I began it fully expecting to take in the story with a grain of salt. I was pleasantly surprised that Lawhead could re-imagine the story of Robin Hood and convey his image in a manner that captured me in the first chapter. SCARLET is a sequel that does not disappoint. The character development was flawless and I could feel myself emphasizing with Will "Scarlet" Scatlocke and at least relating with the Sheriff (but not quite empathizing). The thing I found greatest about this book was that while it's still a story about Robin Hood, it is mostly related as narrative by Will Scatlocke and Will plays as the central character. Both HOOD and SCARLET are great novels for those interested in a more grown-up version of the story of Robin Hood as well as those that enjoy historical fiction (although I cannot vouch for how historically accurate/inaccurate the books are). They are reminiscent of Mary Stewart's MERLIN TRILOGY in that both relates fantastic tales of seemingly far-fetched accounts that may or may not have occurred in a manner that is, at the least, believable if nothing else. These KING RAVEN novels are the first novels I've read by Stephen R. Lawhead so I'm not giving my review based from the standpoint of someone who loves all things Lawhead. Having said, if TUCK is as great as the first two novels in this series, I may become a Lawhead fan after all."

Friday, November 09, 2007

Ethan Hawk Going Fishing!

Hello all! My new manuscript for Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift is going fishing in the publishing industry that is...guess what, already have seen some interest!
A query has been sent to one Christian publisher and the editor has already requested the Book Proposal and sample chapters!!

That's a very good start....Personally, I'm very excited about the potential for this series. The series is outlined for four books, but there is excellent potential for more the way the story is set up. If I'm anything in this game, it's persistent! And I'm continuing to forge ahead in hopes of publication for my novels.

This just in...Rise of Lucin is not dead in the water yet...One publisher is still holding onto the manuscript pending a decision. And my agent is still working for the manuscript as well.
UPDATED: "Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift" has been completed in a personal record of 1.5 months! I owe that to previous chapter outlining for the whole four book series. It allowed me to ZOOOOM! Admittedly I added some chapters and made minor changes when the story called for it, but overall I did not have to deviate from the original ideas. The queries are going out to a number or publishers, so...In the end, the Lord's will be done!