Monday, July 25, 2011

Chronicles of Soone: Revised - Re-titled - Re-covered!

As of August 2011, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King, will no longer be available through Variance Publishing. We have mutually parted ways under good terms. However, this title is undergoing a complete revision along with its sequel, The Chronicles of Soone: Rise of Lucin, and will soon be released with new edits, additional chapters and new covers.

Heir to the King will re-release under the title: The Chronicles of Soone: Warrior Rising

Rise of Lucin will release one month later under the new title: The Chronicles of Soone: Rebellion's Fate

Stay Tuned for Updates on "The Wraith Dancer" Release - "Fallen" - and other sequels coming! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

INFERNO (New Perdition's Gate Omnibus Edition) Now Available!!

The sequel to PERDITION'S GATE is now available as a new INFERNO OMNIBUS EDITION in all ebook formats--kindle, Nook, etc--This special edition will include both Perdition's Gate (part 1) and Inferno (part 2) for the same $2.99 price! Subsequently, the single Perdition's Gate edition has been discontinued.

The Wraith Dancer (Serpent Kings sequel) will hopefully be ready by Christmas!

Also, The Chronicles of Soone series is undergoing revisions for re-release with additional chapters and New Covers!

Stay Tuned for more updates on sequels coming out and new novels!!