Sunday, August 18, 2013


Calling all fans of the Descendants Saga! We now have a FREE PREVIEW of the first Descendants Saga audiobook. Just click the cover image to link to the Youtube preview!
The FALLEN AUDIOBOOK is scheduled to be completed mid-September and be released on Amazon, and ITunes.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Well, there turned out to be a bit of drama surrounding the FALLEN AUDIOBOOK project over the past month. I had originally begun to work with a great sounding Narrator / Producer only to get part way into the recording process and lose all contact with him. To this day I have no idea what has happened to him. Literally, he was gung ho one moment - having completed the first segment - and then I couldn't contact him by email or ACX message board through Amazon. In fact, when I was forced to appeal to ACX/AMAZON to contact the narrator, they were unable to get a hold of him either. I'm wondering if he is even on the planet. You know, any number of things could happen to a person from one day to another... and since I'm in Tennessee and him in California there's just no way of knowing.
Anywho, FALLEN has been released from that contract and I've just completed the process again for finding a new Narrator. I feel even better with this choice and will hopefully have the first 15 minute section of the book by August 16th. If it's all right with the Narrator, I'll try to post that initial segment here on the website. The Narrator's natural accent is British, which I really think is cool, so I'm looking forward to hearing it come alive in Audio.
The company producing the FALLEN AUDIOBOOK has also expressed interest in doing the entire series... so, hopefully, that will all pan out as well.
In the meantime, I'm busy working on the fifth DESCENDANT'S SAGA novel, "AFTERMATH," which follows on the heels of MILLENNIUM. So stay tuned for updates on the release for both AFTERMATH & FALLEN AUDIOBOOK in the near future. If all goes according to schedule, the audiobook should become available in mid-September 2013.

I also have a new Sci-fi / Fantasy novel that's in the works entitled METALLUS: City of the Metal Gods... I'll be working on this behind the scenes as I continue work on the Descendants Saga Novels... but more on that one later :)