Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Let me just say that THE WAY OF THE WILDERKING is an awesome finale for the series!! The Wilderking Trilogy has become one of my all time favorite stories period--secular or christian!

Jonathan Rogers has capped off his Wilderking Series in style with this last edition to the trilogy! I rushed out to get this book after reading The Secret of the Swamp King and I wasn't disappointed! Mr. Rogers continues to ramp up the action and it seems the only one who doesn't realize Aidan is the legendary Wilderking of prophecy is Aidan himself. But that will all change in this exciting conclusion to the series. There are exciting moments and sad ones as well. But it all comes together wonderfully and never disappoints. Dobro Turtlebane is in rare form as he leaves the swamps with Aidan and tries to mingle with civilizers for the first time...not to be missed!--James Somers, author: The Chronicles of Soone.

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Fantasythyme said...

Thanks for posting your review for the second and third books in the series. The first book was fun, and the next two in the series sound even better.