Wednesday, November 29, 2006

C.O.S. Gets Awesome New Review / Interview at Fantasybookspot!

Well, I'm skipping through the dandelions with joy today. My debut novel, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King has just received an excellent review / interview combo over at Fantasybookspot.

This site reviews everything under the sci-fi / fantasy sun from bestsellers to...well, me. Anywho, this is an excellent review from a group of people that have a good reputation for telling it like it is, and I certainly appreciate that.

Other good news includes some excellent reviews from happy customers that have bought the book--if you're one that left a nice review over there, I appreciate you! One of the reviews at Amazon is by R.W. Ridley, the author of the gripping young adult horror novel, The Takers: Book One of the Oz Chronicles. I've read and really enjoyed that book, so his kind words mean alot to me as a fan of his writing.

My publisher has recently told me that, Chronicles is doing well so far, and also that the new VIDEO TRAILER has been viewed 500 times so far. CLICK HERE if you haven't seen it yet.

To everyone that has purchased the book, I appreciate you so much and hope to return with the second installment of C.O.S. this coming year. My publisher is waiting to see how this first book does before committing "COS: Sons of Perdition" to the 2007 line-up. So, the more word of mouth this first book gets, the better the chances of getting the next book out in '07.

Please Help me get the word out--if you've enjoyed the first book!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Some Secrets Will Have to Wait...

To those who have been following the blog and the Chronicles series so far...I'm sorry to say that I can't reveal the character that will die in the second book, except to say, "It's a major one. But the series will still go on beyond it."

Sorry to be that way, but how else can I maintain the suspense and give people some gripping piece of prose-candy to savor when it comes? All I can say is, that when I saw "Spock" get killed in Star Trek II, I was peeved, but it was gripping. I want to keep Chronicles gripping as well. I promise readers won't be disappointed when it comes time for the second installment to come out, hopefully in 2007. Think of Heir to the King as "A New Hope" and my Sons of Perdition as "The Empire Strikes Back"--I liked Empire better and I like the second Chronicles even better.

So far customer reviews are calling Chronicles the next "Star Wars" and that is high praise indeed. I'm a star wars fan, so I really appreaciate those types of wonderful comparisons. May it become as successful!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Things are moving right along

Well, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King has officially been released. It is selling some copies on Amazon-USA-U.K. and is selling some through Barnes and Noble locally. I have talked with one independent bookstore chain owner who has agreed to stock some copies of the book on consignment in possibly two of the store's locations (where I live now-Johnson City, Tn-and my hometown-Oak Ridge, Tn). The owner also offered to host a booksigning in the J.C. store which is a nice location. I've never done a book signing before since this is my first published novel, so I hope everything goes well and people actually show up. The signing should be in mid-December.

The second Chronicles novel is on submission with a couple of publishers and agents including Breakneck Books, but I doubt it would be released, even by Breakneck, before this first novel has been out one year. I'm not sure whether or not another publisher would be interested in picking up on the second book in a series, but Breakneck's acquisition editor has already shown interest in the whole series, so long as it maintains the same level of interest and action--personally, I think it's even better, but I might be the slightest bit partial?

The Chronicles comic proposal is well underway and material for 10 full comic pages of six panels each has already been written by myself and artist, Ed Watson, is working on the art for those pages. He has recently completed sketch character designs for several other main characters in the series and I'm very pleased with the result. These designs may be seen at the bookpage for The Chronicles of Soone--just click on the thumbnails below the cover image. Ed Watson and I are hoping the comic proposal will be finished in time to meet the December 31st deadline at Dark Horse comics, for their "New Recruits" program. This is an exciting opportunity to have our work viewed and Lord willing, published!

My new novel series is well underway and the first book, Perditions Gate: Escape From New Eden, is about 60 pages in. I've got a way to go, but hopefully the book will be going out under submission by the spring of 2007. There's alot of research going into this book--I want to be sure that I maintain biblical accuracy first and foremost. The book is not the typical apocalyptic Christian fiction, Left Behind clone that many may be trying to put out in the wake of its success. The actual judgments take place as a background setting in the novel, with the plot being primarily character driven. Of course, there is still plenty of action and the plot is really about to heat up to a roaring fire where I'm at right now. This series has comic potential as well and Lord willing I'll pursue it at a later time if I have the chance.

My children's book, Chloe & Sam: Living in the Kingdom, is out on submission to a few publishers and agents and Lord willing it will be accepted somewhere. The book is a children's picture book taking the perspective of two children living in the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ.

For anyone buying the new book--please give me a buzz by way of email--and if you like the book then please stop by the Amazon page and leave a review.