Saturday, April 27, 2013


Just an update on the new series and first novel for Descendants fans. I figured it was a good time to give a bit of perspective on the direction of the new series. Descendants Saga Aftermath is, of course, linked with Book 4 (MILLENNIUM) from the original series. In fact, MILLENNIUM served as a transition between these two series, closing out events from the perspective of Brody West, our previous main character in order to take up the AFTERMATH TRILOGY from a new character's perspective. The novels will continue to focus upon one first person character as well as an omniscient point of view for everyone else.
Considering several characters I might have used for the main, first person p.o.v. I have decided to go with Cole as the lead character here. Don't fret, though, as our other characters, like Brody West, aren't cut out of the story by any means. We also have a new potential villain in MILLENNIUM's late entry, Adolf Hitler, and what may seem an odd direction at first. AFTERMATH will follow Cole's point of view as the Descendants move out into the human world, taking up in Ireland, and the problems they face.
For those of you who are familiar with the other four books, in the original quadrilogy, AFTERMATH will continue as an alternate history, blending fantasy with real persons, places and events. However, I have decided to twist the timeline a bit. I had thought to possibly play out our famous villain's development along the natural course history took throughout World War II and prior to it. Instead, I feel led to flesh out the possibilities of how things might have gone, if the allies didn't win?
Some might even wonder why I would utilize Hitler as a villain at all in the series, or make him out as one of the Descendants. However, I simply couldn't resist the possibilities. Could there be anyone in human history as compelling a villain as Adolf Hitler? Has there been anyone who fit the antichrist mold so much? Remember that this man came close to conquering the civilized world in under a decade of recent history. How could that happen? What spiritual forces might have been at work in order to bring it about? After all, the Bible clearly states, 2 Thess 2, that "the mystery of iniquity is already at work," attempting to bring about the rule of Antichrist in the world.
Descendants Saga saw Grayson Stone as one failed attempt. AFTERMATH will flesh out another we're all familiar with...yet heading into uncharted waters for the fun of it. I hope you've enjoyed Descendants Saga up to this point, and that you will all hang on as the ride continues!
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Monday, April 01, 2013


The time has come to finally finish my first Descendants Saga Quadrilogy! Descendants Saga Book Four: MILLENNIUM will be officially released on Amazon Kindle on Monday, April 8th 2013!!

I'm thrilled to have finished my first four book series, but that is not all. This world and its characters have been so epic and fun to write that I'm announcing a new Descendants series!


I'm going to be doing a lot of historical research on this series, and you'll soon see why when you read who the new main villain is going to be in MILLENNIUM! I'm hoping to get right to work on this series and have a completed first novel by the end of Summer 2013... as always, updates on release dates will be forthcoming on this site, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I'm sharing the first Aftermath Trilogy cover today.


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