Monday, June 29, 2015


In an effort to reconcile the Descendant's Saga Books with the Descendant's Saga Crisis Sequence storyline, I have uploaded some new covers for all that hopefully make it clear this is all one story. At the moment print covers are still the same, but may change in the future as well. Print covers require a lot more doing and process to change ;)
In addition, I have an update on Descendant's Saga Crisis Sequence #3 "HAVOC" which takes place immediately on the heels of "CRISIS." Brody West--a.k.a. The Watcher--has caught up with Jonathan Parks, Garth and Cassie at the GCHQ building in Gloucestershire and has begun to engage the horde of plague victims attacking the facility...
This is how CRISIS ends and how HAVOC will begin. I've taken a short break from writing recently, as I'm back in college at the tender age of 44, working toward physician assistant school, hopefully next year. Working in surgery for nearly 20 years now, this is a bit of a step up for me and I hope to be accepted for the 2016 program by the end of this year. Needless to say, lots to accomplish and writing my novels is only one of those things on my plate...but I'm still writing. As a matter of fact, the Lord just allowed me a bit of an epiphany on the Descendant's Saga storyline and I have a great new direction to take the story now that I didn't before. Rather than believing HAVOC would be the last novel for Descendants, I now see at least HAVOC and one or two more in order to flesh out the new ideas.
I had even considered killing off Brody West for HAVOC (if it was to be the last) but I've scrapped that idea, and he'll be integral to the remaining novels as well as the new characters in Crisis Sequence, and possibly some returning characters who've been a long while in hiding...more on why they would be hiding and what happened to Sadie and Cole while Brody was transporting through time coming up in the new storyline!!
At any rate, I'm excited about the new direction, and HAVOC WILL BE A PIVOTAL BOOK for where the Descendant's story is headed as well as explaining some things that Brody West still doesn't understand about what he missed while traveling through time from WWII era to our present day.
I hope all DESCENDANTS FANS will hang on for the rest of the ride with me, and if you haven't yet read up through CRISIS then you won't know what's going on!!