Monday, November 17, 2008

SHADE by John B. Olson

Christy Award–winner for Oxygen, Olson, a biochemist-turned-novelist, keeps pace with a page-turning thriller that will please fans of paranormal spiritual battle tales. In a goth-vampire–infused mind-bending race through the streets and underworld of San Francisco, Hailey Maniates discovers a deeper diagnosis than paranoid schizophrenia for her hallucinations. One man wants her as bait in a cosmic duel, and another—Melchi, the child of prophecy—wants to save her life. With the help of her graduate school friends and Melchi, Hailey turns from victim to fellow soldier with Melchi in the battle against the evil Mulo, the spirits of the dead who act like vampires. With breathless pacing, a sharp sense of suspense, memorable descriptions and a churning plot, this novel is a must-read for those who enjoy such authors as Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. Readers will appreciate carefully woven themes from Dracula, science, faith, conspiracy theory and divine battle. Christian themes surface in the supernatural warfare, and a Christian character, Susan Boggs, helps Hailey see beyond the physical world to a deeper reality.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'd like to take a moment to send out a special SHOUT OUT to a good long distance friend, Mr. Jeremy Robinson!! In case you aren't familiar with Jeremy Robinson, he's a self made success in the publishing world and on the rise. Jeremy began his publishing career as a print-on-demand self published author utilizing LULU.COM to bring us "The Didymus Contingency." This exciting time travel thriller gained him a large fan base and the endorsement of bestselling thriller novelist, James Rollins, who consequently has endorsed Jeremy's work ever since. Following on his self published success with his first novel, Jeremy took on the task of starting his own publishing company, Breakneck Books. Jeremy put his graphic arts talent to use along with a great deal of marketing savvy and brought us his next novel, "Raising the Past," along with a gaggle of new authors like myself, (Thanks Jeremy!)

Breakneck began to see some measured success, particularly through Jeremy's broadening fan base, the release of "Antarktos Rising" and ultimately his book deal with Thomas Dunne Books. Around the same time, Breakneck Books came to merge with Variance Publishing and has seen some bestselling authors climb onboard with their latest upcoming novels.

In addition to Jeremy's new three book deal for Thomas Dunne is his continued novel releases at Variance Publishing including a re-release of "Antarktos Rising" into trade paperback. This will mark Jeremy's first official release into the realm of brick and mortar bookstores, though many more are soon to come! And if that wasn't enough, "Antarktos Rising" has been acquired by a Japanese Animation company to produce the Anime version in 2010 with a big budget! NOT BAD FOR A SELF PUBLISHED AUTHOR!


Monday, October 20, 2008


Bryan Davis' BEYOND THE REFLECTION'S EDGE is another well written, intriguing story to add to the expanding Christian Fiction universe. I've always been impressed by Mr. Davis' exacting prose. He's a master writer! The story involves multiplied dimensions where timelines and events are out of sync with one another. Alternate selves come and go between creating havoc and all is moving to a potential destruction of reality. What more could you ask for in great fiction?
Here's what others are saying about the novel as well :)
Bryan Davis has outdone himself again! I have been hooked on his stories since Raising Dragons and Eye of the Oracle and I thought he couldn't possibly create another work as good as these. The thrilling, mind-bending plot in Beyond the Reflection's Edge captivated me, proving me wrong, while at the same time the witty, lovable characters captured my heart. I loved this book and I can't wait to see what Bryan Davis comes up with next!

What do you get when you have interdimensional mirrors, violins that speak, and a 'broken' camera? Why, Bryan Davis' new fantasy novel of course! When Nathan Shepherd's parents are murdered during a concert, Nathan and his tutor Clara, must run for their lives before the killers find them too. With mysterious happenings behind every corner, Nathan, and his new friend Kelly, must solve the mysteries which cross multiple dimensions, before time runs out, and they are all destroyed. I was worried that after reading Davis' Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire series, nothing would be able to live up to the story and characters which brought those books to life. I am pleased to say that my worries were far, far, far, from being valid. Beyond the Reflection's Edge brings some wonderful characters who are realistic and touching, as well as unique, and easy to relate to. It is, in a word, a masterpiece. The storyline is mind bending, spell binding, and heart wrenching, all at the same time. The spiritual themes are ever present, but not overbearing, and leave you with things to ponder long after the last page is turned. The story is captivating from beginning to end, and left me hungry for more. All I can say is, well done Mr. Davis! Your books are quickly becoming my standard for excellence in the Christian fantasy genre!

Monday, September 22, 2008


MARCHER LORD PRESS does it again with another enchanting addition to its ranks with "HERO, Second Class," by Mitchell Bonds.

This fantasy tale sets traditional high fantasy on its respective ear and then tickles it. I kn0w Mr. Bonds must keep Monty Python and the Holy Grail jammed into his DVD player because I've not had the pleasure of such wonderful silliness since watching the duel between Authur and The Black Knight.

Bonds is a wonderful storyteller and every bit of this romp is trod with tongue firmly in cheek. Its easy reading and fun to boot. What better way to spend a first class weekend than curled up with Hero, Second Class?


Marcher Lord Press is set to meet some of the growing demand for Christian Speculative Fiction -- that by the way is not being met with the major publishers at the moment.

The Personifid Invasion by R. E. Bartlett takes up the story previously published by Realms Fiction's Personifid Project, also by Bartlett, and delves deeper into a world of human perfection gone horribly wrong. Similar in scope and feel to Scott Westerfields, The Uglies series, this novel series adds the dimension of wicked spirits inhabiting the new bodies people are trading up for. Becoming a Personifid, means becoming artificial but perfect. It also means you might be under demonic control. The writing is crisp and clean and will keep you turning the pages.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwers

Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwers is up this month on the Christian Sci-fi / Fantasy blog tour!

"In this addictively readable futuristic Christian dystopia, Brouwer (The Last Disciple) takes readers inside a state run by literalistic, controlling fundamentalists. There, reading is a serious crime; citizens are drugged into submission; and those who break rules are either sent to slave labor factories or stoned to death. Occasionally, a few brave souls try to escape to 'Outside.'
"At the center of this novel is Caitlyn, a disfigured but graceful and brave young woman whose father essentially orders her to make a run for it. For reasons not revealed (even to Caitlyn) until the very end, she is chased by a variety of people who want her dead or alive. While trying to escape, Caitlin meets up with two traveling companions who have their own reasons for fleeing, and she is aided by a sort of underground railroad. Its leaders believe the fundamentalist government has distorted true Christianity, so they risk everything to help people get Outside to freedom.
"The terrific pacing is surpassed only by the character development; the many supporting characters are extremely well-drawn. Brouwer adds even more suspense by regularly revealing that some of these characters are not who they appear to be."
- Publisher's Weekly

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey folks, my publisher, Variance Publishing, has just come out with their new catalog which includes my first novel, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King.

I'm stoked about the possibilities with this merger of my former publisher, Breakneck Books and Variance. They've got a starting lineup of New York Times and International bestselling authors, so they mean business!

I'm hoping to see great things and be a part of great things over here. I've got two manuscripts up for a submission at Variance, (an action thriller, "HALLOWED BE THY NAME") & (a YA fantasy, "A World Within").

Both are chock full of action and fun characters, so it depends on which one meets the current demand at Variance.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


DONITA K. PAUL'S "DRAGON LIGHT" is a fresh and often humorous cap to her very successful Dragon keeper Chronicles. The characters are engaging, though, in true High Fantasyese, many of the names are difficult to pronounce. I had not read her previous novels, but with the aid of the glossary in the back getting up to speed with the different races and terms was not difficult.

The novel is charming, presents some new twists on dragons and wizards I found interesting (especially Ms. Paul's further explanation on her "wizards" powers in the world she's created), and even better there was a very cool villian to face in the story. I highly recommend the novel and may find myself out obtaining the earlier novels as well.

Ms. Paul is also a part of the new MOTIV8 Christian Fantasy tour and here's a bit more from that site about Ms. Paul.

The author of The Dragon Keeper Chronicles answers some of our questions. Not all. She was hard to catch between her bouts of obsessive writing.

How did you begin writing?
I began my career as a writer because my mother was tired of my singing. Now you are probably envisioning some young thing vocalizing around the house in an off-tune manner as a June Cleaver-type mom tries to prepare dinner.
Not quite.
I was 46 and the one fixing dinner.
I had been a school teacher, and Mom was used to blessed quiet while I and my two teens spent most of the day away from the house. But I got this weird infection in my leg that disabled me and ended my life as a permanent first grader.
So I was home . . . singing . . . loudly . . . usually on pitch . . . very shaky on the lyrics, but no problem. I was perfectly willing to make up my own words.
And I liked to sing the same song over and over. Kind of a mindless background to whatever I was doing.
“Tomorrow” from Annie was, and is, one of my favorites.
Sweetly my mother said to me, “If you sing “Tomorrow” one more time, there may not be a tomorrow in your future.” And I got sent to my room.
Honestly. She said, “Go to your room and write a book.” So I did, and the rest is history.

Now, why do you have spiritual truths tucked in odd places in your books?

For the same reason a baseball enthusiast says he’s “batting 1000” when he does well on a job project. For the same reason a fisherman says he “landed a big one” when he’s talking about a sale he made at work. For the same reason an astronaut says “fly me to the moon,” when he asks for benefits with his pay package. For the same reason those guys hit a line drive, catch something hook, line, and sinker, or blast-off. It is their lingo. And after being a Christian for many, many years, and before that “thinking” I was a Christian from the cradle up, I just verbalize in terms of homeruns. I mean, I verbalize in terms of how God works in my life. It would be very difficult to hide my beliefs and not let them infiltrate my stories.

What do you hope to accomplish as a writer?

I assume you don’t want a crass answer like “bigger and more frequent paychecks.” I didn’t think so. It’s very hard for me to claim noble intent. I like to tell stories. I like to reveal things that God has revealed to me. I like to make people feel better. I like to offer hope. I love truth. I especially like to comfort people with the same comfort with which God has comforted me.
So, I want to reveal God’s Truth, inspire believers, persuade non-believers to give God a chance, and entertain the multitudes. The acronym for that is RIPE. When we offer someone fruit that is ripe, it is appealing and nutritious. I’m hoping the fruit my tree bears is ripe.

What excites you about this West Coast Fantasy Fiction Tour?
Sights and sounds I’ve never seen before. Scenic vistas. Long hours in a van. Strange hotel beds every evening. Restaurant food, morning, noon, and night. Maybe even communicable viruses. Who wouldn’t be excited?

8 fantasy writers from 8 different publishing houses visiting 8 cities in 8 days, motiv8ting readers to explore fantastic positive literature.

What about that statement makes you willing to face the viruses?
Two things.
First the unity of it. We’re working together without regard to the commercial aspect of who gets the biggest profit.
And what we’re working for is the second thing: Putting positive literature in front of readers, offering a delicious array of nurturing books, increasing their awareness of God, and strengthening their hold on the Truth.

I close with a true story called Grand Prize.
Thursday, June 17th, 2008, around eleven o’clock AM Mountain time, I received one of the Grand Prizes given out to writers.
The award was given at a book signing at Mardels. I had no idea God had orchestrated the presentation. I signed a book after a brief conversation with a shy and beautiful teen girl. She leaned over and whispered, “My friend and I have decided to keep our relationships pure like Kale and Bardon did in your books.” She picked up her autographed copy and skedaddled, unaware that tears had sprung to my eyes and I was hallelujahing all over the place in the privacy of spontaneous worship to our Lord.

The accolades of men are nice. An affirmation from God is GRAND PRIZE.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hey folks...In recent news:

The Chronicles of Soone will be available around fall in bookstores from my publisher, Variance Publishing. If the book does well in this reprint then the entire series may be picked up for mass market editions :) I'm hopeful of course.

Also, I've been working to prepare the Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift manuscript for the International Christian Retail Show coming up in July--my agent will be presenting the manuscript to publishers there :) once again I'm hopeful!

I've been doing work on the second Ethan Hawk manuscript and also doing revisions to my older "A World Within" epic fantasy...this one hasn't been taken out to the gate yet...maybe one of these days :)

we'll see what happens!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hey everyone--

I have some great news to current publisher, Breakneck Books, is merging with Variance LLC Publishing. Breakneck will become the paperback division while Variance will do Hardbacks. My friend bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, will be re-releasing his books Antarktos Rising and The Didymus Contingency as hardbacks through variance...and kudos to Jeremy for a recent three book deal with St. Martin's Press!

What does this merger mean for myself...well my novel, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King will be re-published as a mass market paperback with a small print run allowing it to be marketed and distributed to Brick and Mortar bookstores nationwide, instead of merely being available on and other online bookstores.

My hope is to also submit my revised version of Chronicles for the mass market paperback as many grammatical errors remained in the first version...please pray for me on that!

Also, my publisher has given me license to begin a serialized version of Chronicles of Soone in PODCAST form...which should soon be available in weekly episodes on!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson. Playwright Peterson (Behold the Lamb of God) spins a whimsical fantasy novel that will appeal to both adult and YA readers. When the three Igiby siblings find a mysterious map, they embark on an adventure to discover family secrets about the father they never knew and a hidden treasure that many have long desired to find. Leeli, the youngest, can sing with a beauty that captivates dragons; Tink, the middle sibling, has the makings of a king; and Janner, the eldest, possesses a bravery that will protect them all. But the children's curiosity get the entire Igiby family into trouble with the Fangs of Dang—frightening, scaly-skinned, lizard creatures that drip venom—who have ruled the land of Scree since the Great War. Soon, the Igibys are scrambling for their lives. Peterson's style is lighthearted and funny, but following the Igibys' story requires patience and attention to detail and character so as not to get lost. The sheer amount of names, places, creatures and history Peterson invents will frustrate some readers—it is so complicated that he inserts explanatory historical footnotes throughout (though many are amusing).

“So good–smart, funny, as full of ideas as action.”–Jonathan Rogers, author of The Wilderking Trilogy

“A wildly imaginative, wonderfully irreverent epic that shines with wit and wisdom–and features excellent instructions on how to cope with Thwaps, Fangs, and the occasional Toothy Cow.”–Allan Heinberg, writer/co-executive producer of ABC’s Grey's Anatomy, and co-creator of Marvel Comics Young Avengers

“Sometimes, in order to find out who we were supposed to be, we need to get lost in other worlds: Oz, Camelot, Narnia. In On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, Andrew Peterson provides new and needed places like Aerwiar, Skree, and Glipwood–places where we need to get lost and found.”–Michael Card, author of The Hidden Face of God and The Parable of Joy, and singer/songwriter of more than thirty albums

“Totally fun! Andrew Peterson, a natural storyteller in the oral tradition, has nailed the voice needed to translate a rip-roaring fantasy tale to the written page.”–Donita K. Paul, author of DragonSpell, DragonKnight, DragonQuest, and DragonFire

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ethan Hawk Leaping Over Hurdles

Update: "Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift," as survived its first scrutiny at a major publisher. The Editor's "reader" liked the sample chapters and book proposal and the editor has requested more to submit to the "sales board." There is still plenty of competition, as fantasy manuscripts are plentiful, but I take it as good far :)

In the meantime, I'm busy pecking away at the second novel of the "Book of the Prophets" series: Ethan Hawk and the Order of Shaddai.

I always wonder when going from one novel to the next in the series, if I'll be able to maintain the level of intensity and action in the story without having to rehash what I've done before. So far, so good. EH and the Realm Shift is action packed and the second is managing to write itself out in the same fashion. This has to be one of my favorite series to write so far and I certainly hope the Lord will grant my petition to be able to share it in print :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chris WAlley, The Shadow of Night

Chris Walley "The Shadow of Night"---
In the spirit of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lamb among the Stars series weaves the worlds of science and the spirit, technology and supernatural into something unique and haunting. On the faraway planet of Farholme, humans live in peace under the gentle rule of the Assembly. War and evil are ancient history. But suddenly, almost imperceptibly, things begin to change. Slowly a handful of men and women begin to realize that evil has returned and it must be fought. From the Inside Flap
Imagine a future that todays generation can only dream of. A trillion people live under the gentle rule of the Assembly on over a thousand Made Worlds. Peace and stability have reigned for nearly twelve thousand years, and war and evil are merely ancient history. But all that is about to change.
On Farholmea Made World at the edge of the Assemblystrange and troubling things are happening. Slowly, incredulously, a handful of men and women come to recognize the unthinkable: Evil has returned once more, and it must be fought. Forester Merral DAvanos and his friends are entrusted with the daunting task of confronting their worlds elusive enemy.
Now isolated from the rest of the Assembly, Farholme must fight its battles alone. It falls to Merral to lead the untried forces of Farholme into war against opponents well-hidden and armed with strange powers. Yet even as he faces extraordinary and terrifying foes, Merral finds he has an unexpected enemyhimself.

What people are saying:

When I watch the news I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a world where evil didn't exist. What if we didn't need an army, or police, or weapons? Where no one lied, everyone could be trusted, and envy was unheard of? Well, that's the way it was in Farholme, a Made World, copied from Ancient earth, until Merral Stefan D'Avanos saw what he thought was a meteor streaking against the night sky. Suddenly, the peaceful world of Farholme began to change. At first he barely noticed the changes. There were just hints that something was wrong; a deception, a vision, a show of fear. Then Vero, a Sentinel from Ancient Earth showed up to check out what was going on. As Vero and Merral began the investigation, they became embroiled in a desperate battle agains the powers of evil. At first they didn't understand what was happening to Farholme, but both men believed in God and they were willing to follow wherever He led them. Chris Walley has created a world so vivid it seems almost real. This is a fascinating story of the battle between good and evil with a different twist. Full of action and suspense and engaging characters, it pulled me into the story from page one.

I just finished reading the two books that actually make up this single hardcover - Shadow At Evening and Power of the Night (accidentally rebought this book thinking it was a sequel - it's not). My 13 year old son recommended the books to me and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the story and the way that Chris Walley knits together a compelling sci-fi story with a Christian point of view. As a long time sci-fi/fantasy reader, I didn't think it was really possible for it to be done in a believable way, but he does it. His main character's evolution as he comes into contact with evil is a challenge for all believers! A must-read!

Monday, February 11, 2008


This picture really reminds me of one of the main villians--had to post it!
Hello All--Just an update: My agent, Gregg Wooding and I are working to prepare a Book Proposal to be presented to publishers in upcoming months. The final touch will be several reviews of the novel by four of Christian Fantasy's finest authors and one Youth Pastor in my area.

I'll not name the authors -- if it gets published I'm sure you'll see them on the cover! -- but I just want to say publicly, if you read this guys -- You're the best for taking time out of your busy schedules to review "Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift."

So, we're geared up and gung-ho, praying hard and hoping for the best as Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift begins the journey through the gauntlet that is the publishing industry.

For anyone interested, I have sound bytes over on my MYSPACE page where you can listen to a select chapter of Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift including some pretty cool intro music!