Tuesday, June 10, 2014

CRISIS: Crisis Sequence Book 2 is now available on Kindle and Print!

CRISIS: Descendants Saga Crisis Sequence Book 2 is now available on Kindle and in Print editions!
This second novel in the Crisis Sequence picks up where RAGE leaves off, taking the Descendants story in a new arc!

I've had numerous requests for other Ebook formats and/or Print Editions for my novels over the past few years, but up until now I considered it not worth the considerable effort it would take to get them out there. However, I've recently had a much better experience and can now offer Matte finishes on the covers, preview the new files easier, etc... and have decided 2014 is the time to get this done.
Because of my agreement with Amazon, I still cannot publish sequels to Nook and other Ebook formats. I know many people have downloaded the free editions of series starters and want the sequels, but I just don't have the ability to do that due to contract. But, for anyone who still wants to purchase sequel novels to many of my fantasy series, these PRINT EDITIONS should solve the problem for you. Believe me when I say, I'm barely selling these above cost, in order to make them as cheap as possible for my readers. I don't make anything more on a print copy than on Kindle. Sometimes, it's even less. The Matte Covers were something I wanted for a long time and now I can make those available as well. I've got a couple and they look sweet :)
As for the Titles that will soon release in Matte Cover Print Editions?
  • All Descendants Saga Novels
  • All Crisis Sequence Novels (as they release on Kindle. Crisis is almost here!)
  • All Realm Shift Trilogy Novels
  • A Serpent Kings Ominbus: (including Serpent Kings, Wraith Dancer, Shadow Walker)
  • A Perdition's Gate: Inferno Omnibus (including Perdition's Gate and PG:Inferno)
  • A World Within
  • A Strange Tale
If I've left any out that people want then please send me an email, and I'll see about doing one for the novel you want. It's not so much trouble now, so let me know.