Monday, July 16, 2012


For those interested in my upcoming novels...yes, all three of you ;)

FALLEN is expected to release on Amazon Kindle in early September!

"Brody West never suspected that his trip to England with his father would change his life forever, that he would discover the harsh realities of 19th century London firsthand, or that he would become embroiled in a supernatural conflict spanning millennia that threatens all mankind!

The Fallen Angels, cast down by Jehovah God, have no salvation and no hope. But that doesn't mean they don't have a plan for conquest. The descendants of these Fallen heavenly creatures have been with us for so long, existing upon the fringes of human society, that few regard them as anything more than myths, legends and speculation. Outcasts for so long, and sure that God will not have them, they mean to take the world by storm and claim the inheritance they have always been denied. 

However, some have seen the madness of open war with the Heavenly Realm. These desperate few are always searching for true allies to help them stop the coming conflagration that threatens both the physical and spiritual world they inhabit. Now, a powerful descendant has stumbled into the conflict unwittingly and may hold the key to restoring order before it's too late."