Monday, August 06, 2007


NERVOUS!? What do you mean I look nervous?! No, of course I'm not nervous!

Well, maybe just a seems like the more good news I get the more nervous it makes me on this whole getting my book published business.

Bethany's editor has just told my agent: "Based on the strength of what I’d read previously I’m getting some reviews of the work from Fantasy/Sci-Fi readers. Their opinions will help shape our next step. I won’t have a response based on those comments until late August."

Now, to me that sounds like great news and a step forward. Of course, what if those readers don't like the book? Well, that is a valid question. But the first book (which in my very self critical opinion is not as well written as Rise of Lucin) has received very good reviews from over at and of course my friend, Wayne Batson, was also kind enough to give the first book a wonderful glowing review--gracious words indeed. So, hopefully, since these are fans of the genre who will be doing these reviews for the publisher, they will be very pleased with Chronicles: Rise of Lucin and the book may go forward another step in the gauntlet we call publishing.

I'm not gonna bite my nails--I'm just going to keep on praying for it--His will be done!



Justin B. said...

Do you need people to look over the book? I have just got my copy og Heir to the King in the mail and have just begun it. Its awesome! I am hooked! I could read your second book!

James Somers said...

Justin, you are too kind my friend. I'm actually going to begin some revisions to Heir to the King, because I never really was completely satisfied with it. It could have used a lot more descriptive stuff on the environments and so forth. I was a total newbie and went for action supreme...which I honestly think it achieves, but it lacked some depth I want it to have...I'm hoping that a revised version (minus none of the action) will end up being published along with The Rise of Lucin and the third unnamed and unwritten title in the trilogy. I'm just waiting for the word to come from a big publisher for it. My agent thought it might make a nice prequel, once the contract is expired or something. I thought it might make a good prequel in Graphic Novel form should a publisher want to put it out.

On reading the second, I'm going to hold out and see what happens with these publishers first. But, hey, I appreciate your enthusiasm and even if the big christian pubs don't take it, my currentl publisher breakneck books said they would still publish it next it will come in one way or another...Lord willing!


Tricia Goyer said...

I hope you continue to receive good news! My whole family loves Sci Fi Christian fiction the best and your book sounds like it would be a nice addition!

P.S. Thanks for reviewing Valley of Betrayal earlier this year! I'm glad you liked it!

James Somers said...

Thanks Tricia...I appreciate you stopping by. I'm very hopeful to get my foot in the door with this series. Beyond that, I've got two more series I'm just itching to see get a chance to be published--one YA fantasy and one thriller.

say a prayer for me!