Thursday, August 02, 2007

Anthology Cover & More Great News!!

Well, for anyone interested, here is the artwork for the upcoming Fantasy Anthology I'm going to be a part of. The Anthology is scheduled to come out in October 2007 and will feature my initial short story version of my new novel: A WORLD WITHIN along with twenty something other fantasy short stories. I get a free copy of the anthology as payment, but I keep all rights (very good since I'm going on with this one to do a complete trilogy of novels). My agent said it will still be good as a publishing credit to make me more marketable. I'm personally just glad someone enjoyed the initial offering and wanted to publish it. Big thanks to author, William Kooiker for getting me an invitation to submit before it became an open call.

Another great chunk of news: TSABA HOUSE PUBLISHING, the same who publish Christopher Hopper's WHITE LION CHRONICLES have asked my agent for the manuscript for THE CHRONICLES OF SOONE: Rise of Lucin. For anyone unfamiliar with Christopher Hopper and his Christian fantasy series, he was one of the four authors on the Fantasy Four book tour with our friend Wayne Batson. Now I know you all know who he is! Anyway, I'm praying for good news on COS: Rise of Lucin from these publishers. That is two out of four publishers, including BETHANY HOUSE, which have now finished the initial book proposal and sample chapters from ICRS last month and have asked for more. I'll take all the prayers I can get on this! Muchas Gracias, Me Amigos!


Justin B. said...

Awesome! I'll def. be praying. BTW Rise of the Dibor rocks!

James Somers said...

Justin, Thanks so much for that.

I've receieved some good news: Bethany House is having some fantasy/ sci-fi readers give their opinions on COS:Rise of Lucin to help them determine their next move with the manuscript. Lord willing those readers will give it great reviews...keep praying and Thanks.