Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hey folks...I just happened to find WAyne Batson's new book, ISLE OF SWORDS, yesterday! I wasn't expecting it to be out yet...but I got it bundled with a free copy of The Door Within-lost chapters version...two for one! You can't beat that. I just looked at my wife with puppy dog eyes and she gave in and let me buy it!

I'm already about 1/3 of the way through it and its very good--very piratey! I can tell WAyne has been vegging out on Pirates of the Carribean and probably an abundance of piratey research, because you really get the feeling your onboard.

I'll not give away any of the story, but its very engaging, as WAyne's writing style is very engaging in all that he has written.

I also am reading The Bark of the Bog Owl, by Jonathan Rogers and this is a very different writing style, but very good as well. I would highly recommend both of the books at this point!


Justin B. said...

This book rocked! I so agree with you! Still need to post a review on Amazon.

James Somers said...

I really enjoyed Isle of Swords...I just got my autographed sticker in the mail from Wayne: BONUS!

Justin B. said...

Same here!!!