Thursday, August 31, 2006

Major Character Death At End of Chronicles 2

Hello everyone,

I am about to pen the final chapter of The Chronicles of Soone: Sons of Perdition, the second book in the Chronicles trilogy. I've just killed off one of the most important characters in the series. It's like watching the end of Star Trek Generations all over again. (clue)

Of course anyone becoming interested in the Chronicles series with the release of Heir to the King in November 2006, will have to wait probably another year to see what I'm talking about in Sons of Perdition.

I'm going to set this book aside when I'm finished, allowing a bit of time before going back to proofread and edit it the first time. I want to have enough of a break from it so that mistakes will really jump out at me and ultimately save time in the editing process.
I plan to submit Sons of Perdition to my Publisher, Breakneck Books, sometime following the release of Heir to the King in November. Hopefully, they will decide to grab it up for publication in 2007, but we shall see.


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