Friday, August 11, 2006

Chronicles Comic Book?!

Hello one and all,

Well, some exciting news to share.

First there may be a Chronicles of Soone Comic series coming sometime in the future. I am currently corresponding with an Artist-graduate of the Stanley Kubrick school, and he has expressed interest in putting together a proposal to shop around to Comics Publishers. One Publisher has already expressed interest in reading my novel when review copies become available from Breakneck (very soon). So we shall see what happens from all of this, but I'm working diligently to try and spread the story around to different media. I believe the story will definitely benefit from visual media like comics and hopefully everything will work out.

I am close to finishing edits and the book will be formatted and sent out as ARC's to reviewers after that. I love reviews!! So far the ones I secured before being published have been extremely positive, and of course they are posted at my website and at along with brief synosis and my author interview with Breakneck Books.

I'm also working with my website designer on a HTML email newsletter style notice to send out far and wide when the book becomes available for sale.

Stay tuned!

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