Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The final Descendants Saga Novel: VENDETTA has been finished and released as a FREE E-BOOK through Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle version should soon take on the free price, but can be downloaded in all ebook formats (including Kindle) at SMASHWORDS.
VENDETTA is a little shorter  than the other Descendant Novels (which is why I'm giving it away for FREE), but the story is there and finishes off the series as I had hoped...Also VENDETTA serves as the Prologue for my next series spinning off from Descendants to create: CRISIS SEQUENCE. I've included the Crossover Cover Here for your enjoyment, so that fans will know what to look for when the next series begins.

This new series will take up where Descendants Saga leaves off...A new cast of characters will be introduced, leaving most of our old cast behind. Nevertheless, the new cast will be front and center in this new Apocalyptic Series.
The CRISIS SEQUENCE will start up with the first novel: RAGE: CRISIS SEQUENCE BOOK ONE. I'll share the first cover and a brief synopsis here. I hope the fans of Descendants will join me for this new series. It promises to be a fun new ride!

Jonathan Parks never expected to witness the end of the world. He never expected to be the cause of it.
"Who is Jonathan Parks? You'll have to read VENDETTA to find out!"


Doreen said...

I don't want an E-book! I want a REAL book! I don't care if it is free, I will pay for a REAL book. I have collected all of the others over the past year, when I discovered them. to say I HATE e-readers is an understatement! please give me a book with paper pages. had I known I would have to finish the story on an e-reader I would not have started at all.

Jasmine and Thorns said...

Hello. I can't seem to find the Kindle version of Vendetta, and I'm in so much angst not having access to the conclusion of this epic series. Is there some other way I can find this e-book?