Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hey everyone! Guess what? I've a got a FREE NOVEL OFFER for you. Many of you have taken a recent interest in my DESCENDANTS SAGA, and the fourth novel: MILLENNIUM is almost finished. I expect MILLENNIUM to be released in April...updates on its release and a special announcement on the next trilogy will be coming soon.
However, my previous series: THE SERPENT KINGS is one I think my Descendants fans would really enjoy. Lots of action, a unique world and characters that were very fun to write. I'm now offering THE SERPENT KINGS SAGA in two editions.
  • First Novel: THE SERPENT KINGS is now offered for FREE! on Amazon Kindle
  • Second Novel: THE WRAITH DANCER contains parts 2 & 3 of the series and is offered at the low price of $3.99 on Amazon Kindle...of course, Prime Members get to borrow this one FREE also as part of their membership benefits.
So, just a recommendation, particularly if you've enjoyed THE REALM SHIFT TRILOGY or DESCENDANTS SAGA... it now costs you nothing to get THE SERPENT KINGS first novel!
Hope you enjoy it... and, as always, please leave reviews for the books you enjoy, even the sequels! Every good review really helps to spread the word. Thanks again for your interest. Stay tuned for the release of MILLENNIUM in early April 2013 and the special Descendants Saga announcement.


Lewinna said...

I accidentally found your Serpent Kings novel (free) on amazon and read it... I was blown away! I loved it! I was going to say thank you ever so much for writing a book that does not completely throw out nobility of character, virtue, and other very important things such as the clear understanding that we are not the Controller, and also of the Ultimate aim of life. Okay, so then I went and found this blog and of course you're a Christian author :) Which explains the lack of total degradation and moral vacuity in your very nice book! Thank you very much! I enjoyed your book very much and I have bought the next one to read also. I find that I only ever read dragon stories... but there are precious few that are also about God. In the words of C.S. Lewis "if they won't write the kind of books that we want to read, we shall have to write them ourselves!"

Anonymous said...

I also accidentally found the Serpent Kings. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I've now downloaded all your books! I can't thank you enough for writing such fabulous Christian fiction! I feel confident when I pay for the few that aren't offered free because I know I'm not going to get halfway through and find that it's filled with things I simply don't want to read.