Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello Everyone, I've been busy writing as always it seems and I've just released a new Christian Thriller, Action, Horror novel entitled "HALLOWED BE THY NAME."

"Feeling sure he has finally cracked the secrets of man's evolution, Dr. Trenton Hallowed uses himself as a guinea pig for his new genetic mutagen. He soon finds himself upon the threshold of unbelievable power. But a vicious beast is waking within him. An increasing number of people turn up brutally murdered in the lower districts of the city as Trenton celebrates new success. Jonathan Hallowed, the victim of a mob hit during one of Trenton Hallowed's exhibitions, wakes in a morgue drawer wrapped in a body bag. His flesh is riddled with bullet wounds, yet he lives. Jonathan must figure out what has happened to him and why the police are calling his cousin Trenton a vicious murderer. Even worse, Jonathan may be the only one who can stop him."
Click the link to purchase a paperback copy for merely the print cost -
This has been a little bit of a departure from the YA stuff I've been working on, but I've really enjoyed it. As always, the story zoooms along with plenty of action.


Bruce Judisch said...


How great to see this in print since the first glimpse you gave me of the manuscript. I'm ordering a copy and will review it on my blog, if that's amenable to you.

Cheers! Bruce

James Somers said...

bruce- that would be awesome my friend :)