Monday, January 26, 2009


Please take a look at my new Bible-Smart blog!! This is "a bible study for the average joe" in hopes of making God's Word more accessible and understandable--check it out and leave comments and questions at will.


Brian Tubbs said...

By "filter through the cracks," you mean that it won't be formally all?

I thought you had an agent shopping it around. Granted, I'm behind on things.

I sure hope it gets published. It's a great series!

James Somers said...

Brian-Breakneck had it, I pulled it to shop with an agent, that didn't sell, Breakneck merged with Variance and they've not opted to publish "Rise of Lucin" as yet...however they are reading another manuscript for a separate series at the moment. The cover happens to be the one Jeremy Robinson did when Breakneck was originally going to do it. At this point I suppose I shouldn't have moved it to an agent, but who knew? I have an agent working on my other novels because of that submission...but the Lord is in control :)

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