Friday, February 22, 2008

Ethan Hawk Leaping Over Hurdles

Update: "Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift," as survived its first scrutiny at a major publisher. The Editor's "reader" liked the sample chapters and book proposal and the editor has requested more to submit to the "sales board." There is still plenty of competition, as fantasy manuscripts are plentiful, but I take it as good far :)

In the meantime, I'm busy pecking away at the second novel of the "Book of the Prophets" series: Ethan Hawk and the Order of Shaddai.

I always wonder when going from one novel to the next in the series, if I'll be able to maintain the level of intensity and action in the story without having to rehash what I've done before. So far, so good. EH and the Realm Shift is action packed and the second is managing to write itself out in the same fashion. This has to be one of my favorite series to write so far and I certainly hope the Lord will grant my petition to be able to share it in print :)

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