Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hey folks...In recent news:

The Chronicles of Soone will be available around fall in bookstores from my publisher, Variance Publishing. If the book does well in this reprint then the entire series may be picked up for mass market editions :) I'm hopeful of course.

Also, I've been working to prepare the Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift manuscript for the International Christian Retail Show coming up in July--my agent will be presenting the manuscript to publishers there :) once again I'm hopeful!

I've been doing work on the second Ethan Hawk manuscript and also doing revisions to my older "A World Within" epic fantasy...this one hasn't been taken out to the gate yet...maybe one of these days :)

we'll see what happens!

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the wielder series? Are there going to be any more books written in it? I want to know what happens to Daniel.