Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chronicles Coming In Two Weeks--samples@BNB

Hello everyone,

The Chronicles of Soone is about to be released worldwide in app. two weeks--it may show up at for pre-ordering, but it's not certain that will happen. Also you might want to check out the two sample chapters that may be read at the Chronicles page at Breakneck Books website!
I will be sending out an html email newletter announcement of the release to every email contact I have--if you would like to be on the list to receive this notice then please send me an email and I will certainly be glad to include you. Also feel free to drop me a line for whatever reason--you never know if anyone is actually reading the Blog unless people contact you--so feel free!
I've just completed and sent out, to the artist, the comic book proposal script and hopefully we'll be seeing some exciting things for the series in the future. When the proposal pages are completed, the artist and myself will begin the process of submitting it to comic book publishers.

The manuscript for The Chronicles of Soone: Sons of Perdition has been sent to my publisher and hopefully they will desire to publish it sometime late in 2007, maybe in a year which would be best.

I'm hoping to resume PERDITIONS GATE soon, but with the Chronicles release about to happen, I'm buzzing about trying to prepare, so that people will know about it and where to find it.

An ad for Chronicles also appears in the back of Jeremy Robinson's new release from Breakneck Books, "Raising the Past"--I'm reading it now and it's quite good, as expected.
Chronicles has just received a new review over and a review is forthcoming over at as well.

If you are following the book, you are appreciated--don't be a stranger--send me an email and let me know who you are. I will always try to be very accessible to people interested in my work.


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