Thursday, July 06, 2006

New cover is underway.

Well, I've gotten to see the concepts for the new cover art and text and things are progressing nicely. I am quite pleased with the way it's going to turn out and I know Breakneck Books was the right choice for publication of the book.

Hopefully my ugly mug will soon appear on the Publishers website along with the book cover, and an exclusive interview between myself and Breakneck Books.

For those who may be interested in the release of The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King, the tentative release is supposed to be no later than November 2006, although that is subject to change.

The second book in the series is already underway and I'm 107 pages into it so far. Lord willing the book will be picked up by Breakneck as well. The tentative title for the second book is The Chronicles of Soone: Sons of Perdition, and it is shaping up as just as much of a nitro rush read as Heir to the King.
This one will open up a great deal of previously unknown information on the nature of the war and the spiritual conflict surrounding it. The introduction of a new character, Aija the prophet, is especially key to the unfolding storyline.

I'll try to keep you posted on new developments.
send me an email if you have any questions regarding the books!


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