Monday, July 03, 2006

Breakneck Books will be publishing The Chronicles of Soone!

Hello, one and all. By way of introduction, I am James Somers, the author of the new Christian Science fiction thriller, The Chronicles of Soone. The first book: Heir to the King is due to be released by Breakneck Books tentatively by November 2006.
The book has recieved several wonderful pre-release reviews already, including one by bestselling author Jeremy Robinson, author of The Didymus Contingency, Raising the Past, and POD People. To see all of the availabe reviews please visit the Chronicles of Soone website.

So far the book is being compared to such science fiction greats as Star Wars, Star Trek and Dune, but this novel and the series as a whole will have a christian setting for the story in a separate creation of God. Here's the basic premise:

"Not so long ago, in another creation of God...Fallen angels have instigated a devastating interplanetary racial war among the clans of humanity. Cursed to dwell among men in half physical forms they seek to undermine the prophetic events that spell out their ultimate doom.

Long the ordained guardians of peace, the Barudii have been reduced to a scattered remnant struggling to survive. Young Tiet Soone is the last remaining heir to the Barudii throne. He sets out against unimaginable odds to reconcile the warring clans of mankind, even as dark spiritual forces oppose every effort at peace in their campaign to dominate humanity in opposition to God's will."

For more on the series, myself, and the latest reviews and release dates on the books please visit The Chronicles of Soone website or Breakneck Books.

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