Thursday, January 05, 2017


What you talkin' bout, Willis?!

Yes, HAVOC is coming in the next few days and I'm going to release it FREE TO EVERYONE!


Well, it's simple: I've taken longer than planned to finish it and its more like a novella...honestly, I finished what I wanted to say for Descendants and like someone else said, its been nine novels. I hate to drag things out and pad it with nothing productive, so HAVOC will be free to the public and comes in at about 114 pages. I'm toying with the idea of adding these pages on at the end of Crisis for future readers, but that won't affect anyone getting it free now. I'll have it out there free no matter what!

Now, in order to get the novel free, I'm going to place it on Smashwords and it will be available in all formats that Smashwords handles, including Amazon Kindle. I'm hoping it will pass through the online system from Smashwords and show up on Amazon as a free novel pretty quickly, but I'm not going to put it directly on Amazon unless it never shows up at all...placing it directly on Amazon would require a .99cent price point...I just want it to be free for everyone who's been waiting so long for it to come out.

At any rate, I'll post the SMASHWORDS LINK here on my website as soon as it releases!

Since, Descendants will be finished, I've got another NOVEL IDEA cooking, called:

"CIRCLE OF SE7EN" and I'm really excited about it. Doing the world-building already and hoping for an epic tale, so stay tuned!

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Jacqui Smith said...

I love the descendants saga! Btw, I was thinking that they would make an awesome movie series!!!