Monday, June 03, 2013


I've got wonderful news. My first novel in the Descendant's Saga: FALLEN, will soon be brought to the market as an AUDIOBOOK on AUDIBLE.COM, AMAZON, and ITUNES!!
I had no idea this would be a real possibility for the series, but recently stumbled across Amazon's ACX website. This website works to place Producers of Audiobooks together with Authors.
After creating a five minute audition sample and placing it on the ACX system for review by Narrators and Producers, FALLEN received an audition that sounded awesome.

I've since been in contact with the Narrator/ Producer, John LeBlanc, and we now have a contract that puts us on track to hopefully complete FALLEN by the end of July 2013. In addition, Mr. LeBlanc has expressed his interest in continuing with the series to its completion. So, we might conceivably have all four Descendant's Saga novels in AUDIOBOOK form by the end of the year!

Stay tuned for further updates as they come in on the release of the Audiobooks and how to get them.

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Anonymous said...

Just finish the book cant wait to read the next one . God bless