Thursday, February 09, 2012


I've just released the 3rd installment to The Serpent Kings Saga...THE SHADOW WALKER this one being an abbreviated epilogue to the other two books at only 52 pages. I wrote this one because there was more to tell, but I didn't feel that I had a full novels worth and I abhor padding a book to bring up the page count. So this one answers questions left from the series in The Wraith Dancer and wraps everything up.

The story is set 500 years into the future following The Wraith Dancer and the kingdom Ezekiah has assumed regency of is in turmoil. Rebellion is brewing as a prophetess named Shalindra seeks revenge for the execution of her father under the rule of Ezekiah. However, Shalindra is no ordinary woman. A malevolent spirit has escaped its prison and means to exact revenge of his own against the man who defeated him and his Serpent Kings 500 years earlier. There's lots of action and I hope you enjoy it... The Shadow Walker is offered exclusively on Amazon at $.99

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Ryan Schneider said...

Hi, James. Just discovered you and your books through an Amazon recommendation. They look fantastic. Would love to feature you in an Author Spotlight on my blog. Please contact me if interested. I am a fellow novelist, working in many genres, but also in Sci-Fi with a spiritual warfare element to it.