Monday, July 25, 2011

Chronicles of Soone: Revised - Re-titled - Re-covered!

As of August 2011, The Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King, will no longer be available through Variance Publishing. We have mutually parted ways under good terms. However, this title is undergoing a complete revision along with its sequel, The Chronicles of Soone: Rise of Lucin, and will soon be released with new edits, additional chapters and new covers.

Heir to the King will re-release under the title: The Chronicles of Soone: Warrior Rising

Rise of Lucin will release one month later under the new title: The Chronicles of Soone: Rebellion's Fate

Stay Tuned for Updates on "The Wraith Dancer" Release - "Fallen" - and other sequels coming! 


beebirdy said...

I love the COS series, but am unable to find the third book, " Rise Of Lucin". Please let me know where I can purchase this book. Thanks.

James Somers said...

Actually this post is all about how the original COS titles (heir to the king and rise of lucin) have been re-edited, retitled and re-covered. I have recently left Variance Publishing so these titles replace the former titles with updates.

bmcgee said...

When can we expect book 3 to come out? I have read the first two and loved them, actually didn't catch the full Christian theme, which is great, until about halfway through book 2 when Revelations is quoted. Great job.