Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Wolf of Tebron, by C.S. Lakin is a fresh new fantasy in the Christian Fantasy genre that brought to mind old nursery rhymes where the "Cow jumped over the Moon," and movies like "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen," where we journey to distant lands that only the imagination can contain. Lakin's voice comes across well and she has no trouble holding the reader's interest, gradually giving us just enough to keep the pages turning. 
Tebron opens with a mysterious wizard trekking home from some terrible battle, only to find his wife and child under attack by creatures of darkness. In order to save his infant son, the wizard sends him away with a bear whom he communicates with telepathically. From there, the story centers around the young man, Joran, and his strange ability to mindspeak with all types of insects and animals. For much of the story, I kept wondering exactly when Joran's story would connect with the prologue about the wizard...rest assured Lakin brings it all home by the end of her tale. And by the time Joran's fantastic adventure has concluded, we realize the greater portion of this epic tale is still to be told.


Cson said...

Whoa! How'd you get a copy so early? I can't wait to read this book. :D

James Somers said...

C.S. Lakin contacted me for a review...actually she is also doing a review of my new PERDITION'S GATE novel as well.

Scott Appleton said...

I just found your blog when it popped up in my google alerts. Is this novel being published by AMG?

My novel "Swords of the Six" is being published by AMG Publishers in November.

It's great to find other Christian fantasy authors. www.FlamingPen.blogspot.com

James Somers said...

I believe AMG is the publisher for c.s. lakin's new novel.