Wednesday, May 12, 2010


PERDITION'S GATE has UNOFFICIALLY been released by my publisher, TRILOGUS MEDIA GROUP. What does this mean, James?

It means that I can offer the novel at a special discounted rate here on my website during the two weeks before it becomes available on AMAZON.COM.

The novel will become available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle book before it becomes available in bookstores and other online book sellers -- probably a month from now, so that we can get back further author reviews to put on the cover from bestsellers like Wayne Thomas Batson and Jeremy Robinson, as well as reviews from Megalith and Midwest Book Review.

Here is the link to order PERDITION'S GATE at a 15% discount through Amazon's Createspace website --- everything is handled by Amazon -- safe & secure. Don't forget to input your discount code: KQGWZ7EZ

Synopsis: Raised to kill, as the leader of Babylon's most elite special ops team, Jason Night, codename: Nightstalker, never thought he would fall in love with Sarah Cross and desire to leave the life he's always known. Nor could he foresee the dangerous secret Sarah harbored leading to her death at the hands of another Babylon agent. With the world in chaos, a powerful, charismatic leader, Oliver Theed, rises to lead the nations into a New World Order of his own sinister design. But those rising to power in his wings have their own plans and Theed may be the next target in a deadly cat and mouse game deciding the fate of the world.As Jason questions all that he's ever believed, he seeks answers and revenge. But what he finds will shake him to the core and bring him face to face with Theed, Babylon and a coming Apocalypse that cannot be avoided.

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