Tuesday, January 26, 2010

North or be Eaten by Andrew Peterson

I recieved a complimentary copy of "NORTH or be EATEN," by Andrew Peterson. The novel is for young readers, about 10 and up. I found the novel slow to start, although it eventually picked up some. Young readers who are patient will find this fantasy series enjoyable with its various creatures and of course the Fangs of Drang are back. Peterson, a famous singer songwriter, has a vivid imagination and writes with a certain amount of wit, never taking himself too seriously. This second novel may be a little darker than the first, but kids are smarter than they're often given credit for and shouldn't find anything scary about the story. Older readers might not enjoy the series as much. I admit I had a hard time holding interest, but that may be only my personal preferences.


Robert Treskillard said...

A good review, James ... interesting that you and I reacted a bit differently. I thought it picked up faster than the first book, but then again, I *just* read the first book before I read the second, so it was fresh in my mind.

Also, the story really grabbed me ... was there anything in particular that didn't work for you? Or was it hard to put your finger on?

Krysti said...

I see you got the picture of the front cover to post to your website. I've tried and tried to make this happen with different covers on mine.

Can you tell me how to successfully make this happen? Thanks!

James Somers said...


I had read the first a while back and just never could get into it...the second turned out better, but just wasn't my cup of tea I suppose...strange, because I love to read and write YA fantasy. Some stories just click with a person while others don't, but I'm sure many young people will enjoy it.

I just looked in yahoo images search for the title and picked one that was good size...save it, and then upload it as a large image on the blog page.

Anonymous said...

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