Monday, November 16, 2009


CURSE OF THE SPIDER KING by Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper, is the huge kick-off to a brand new Christian Fantasy series. And while intended for young readers, there's plenty for young adults and adults (young at heart) to enjoy and keep you turning pages furiously all the way to the end.

Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper!

Curse of the Spider King Reivew:

Nevermind the old cliche, one or two heros to the mix, in Curse of the Spider King we find seven Elf Lords who've been transported to the earth realm as infants. Caught in the Spider King's web during a major overthrow of Elf power in his realm, these infants cannot be killed without unleashing a terrible curse. The Spider King's servants defy his orders and send the infant lords to earth in order to avoid the curse and the wrath of their king. But now the children, adopted by human parents, have grown to maturity and their individual Elf abilities are manifesting themselves. For their part, the children have no idea of their real heritage until the Spider King's assassins begin to move in. Only their secret protectors among the elves can stop them. But the race is on to get them back to their homeworld, where these seven lords will face the Spider King himself in a battle that could save or end the Elves forever!

Spider King is a non-stop fantasy thrill ride that kids will love. It's hard to pick a favorite Elf lord out of the bunch, because each has their own special power which makes them volatile to say the least. It's almost like trying to pick your favorite among the X-Men and both girls and boys will find someone they can empathize with in this exciting tale. Batson and Hopper have overcome the long distance obstacle to seamlessly stitch this story together. I've read both of their individual works and honestly could never figure out who had written what. By the time you reach the cliffhanger ending Spider King will have you locked in its web of action and intrigue, ready for the bigger adventure still waiting in Book 2!


WayneThomasBatson said...

Hey, James! Thanks for the stellar intro! We had a blast doing your interview. Visitors to James' phenomenal blog, let us know if you have questions about Spider King. CH and I will be trolling. lol

S. J. Deal said...

Look forward to the interview.

Good intro/review of the book.

I also have read their individual works, more then once, and still have a hard time telling who wrote what. There are places where I'm fairly certain that Christopher wrote that or Wayne wrote this, but I'm never sure. I like how well it blends together, all the more astounding in that their voices in their individual books are noticeably different from each other.

Amy Browning said...

Great post! It's easy to get behind the books we love and I LOVE this one.