Friday, July 10, 2009


"HOLLOWED GROUND," the sequel to my thriller novel, "HALLOWED BE THY NAME," is now available! This intense sequel jumps thirty years into the future, allowing me to add some near future tech into the mix in an "I-ROBOT," sort of setting. Jonathan Hallowed is back in this one as well as my ever mutating villilan, Nemesis. And there's a completely new threat in this one, Samuel Stokes, a young man, born as part of a eugenics type breeding project, possessing powerful Telekinetic abilities and out for vengeance against those who created him. Think, "Akira," if you enjoy Japanese Anime and you'll get an idea of the kind of non-stop action available in this one!

Check it out on AMAZON KINDLE, where my other novels have been doing very well recently. "HALLOWED GROUND," is also available as a PAPERBACK with links here in the sidebar!

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