Monday, May 18, 2009


TUCK BY STEPHEN LAWHEAD--"Pray God our aim is true and each arrow finds its mark."
King Raven has brought hope to the oppressed people of Wales--and fear to their Norman overlords. Along the way Friar Tuck has been the stalwart supporter of King Raven--bringing him much-needed guidance, wit, and faithful companionship.
Deceived by the self-serving King William and hunted by the treacherous Abbot Hugo and Sheriff de Glanville, Rhi Bran is forced to take matters into his own hands as King Raven. Aided by Tuck and his small but determined band of forest-dwelling outlaws, he ignites a rebellion that spreads through the Welsh valleys, forcing the wily monarch to marshal his army and march against little Elfael.
Filled with unforgettable characters, breathtaking suspense, and rousing battle scenes, Stephen R. Lawhead's masterful retelling of the Robin Hood legend reaches its stunning conclusion in Tuck. Steeped in Celtic mythology and the political intrigue of medieval Britain, Lawhead's trilogy conjures up an ancient past while holding a mirror to contemporary realities. Prepare for an epic tale that shatters everything you thought you knew about Robin Hood.


"For those who haven't read Hood and Scarlet yet, I would highly recommend doing so before reading this. The focus of the book is on Tuck, but there are a lot of supporting characters and plots that surround Tuck. As with the other two in the series, this is a book filled with action/ adventure. Once you enter the forest, you will not want to return to civilization!"

"I am huge fan of Stephen Lawhead and 'Tuck' secures the reason why. The King Raven trilogy has been amazing from the beginning. His real world interpretation of the legend of Robin Hood is haunting, stunning, and thought provoking. 'Tuck' is the final book in the series and it does a wonderful job of wrapping everything up. The plot never slows down, but never feels rushed. I kept thinking to myself, "How is he going to finish this whole series when there are only 50 pages left in the book?" Twist after twist will keep you engaged in this book until early in the morning. The action in the book is so well written you feel as if you are in Celyddon with Rhi Bran and his followers. The intensity is communicated so well. I can think of no down side to this book except that it wasn't longer! Highly recommended. If you haven't read any of this series before, make sure you start with 'Hood' and read 'Scarlet' next. 'Tuck' won't make much sense unless you read it last."

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