Friday, November 09, 2007

Ethan Hawk Going Fishing!

Hello all! My new manuscript for Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift is going fishing in the publishing industry that is...guess what, already have seen some interest!
A query has been sent to one Christian publisher and the editor has already requested the Book Proposal and sample chapters!!

That's a very good start....Personally, I'm very excited about the potential for this series. The series is outlined for four books, but there is excellent potential for more the way the story is set up. If I'm anything in this game, it's persistent! And I'm continuing to forge ahead in hopes of publication for my novels.

This just in...Rise of Lucin is not dead in the water yet...One publisher is still holding onto the manuscript pending a decision. And my agent is still working for the manuscript as well.
UPDATED: "Ethan Hawk and the Realm Shift" has been completed in a personal record of 1.5 months! I owe that to previous chapter outlining for the whole four book series. It allowed me to ZOOOOM! Admittedly I added some chapters and made minor changes when the story called for it, but overall I did not have to deviate from the original ideas. The queries are going out to a number or publishers, so...In the end, the Lord's will be done!


David Mackey said...

Good luck! Have you considered self-publishing? I love books about Nephilim.

Brian Tubbs said...

That's great news. You are indeed persistent.

James Somers said...

I had considered self publishing way back before my first novel COS:HEIR TO THE KING was published with Breakneck Books...the second in that series: Rise of Lucin, was already slated to be released through Breakneck this november 2007, but I pulled it when I got referred by WAyne Batson to his agent Gregg wooding. Now that Mr. Wooding is representing my work, I'm very hopeful to land a publisher who can get my work into brick and mortar bookstores where they need to be to actually reach readers. SElf Publishing which I've reviewed quite a bit and been around is a very tough road for the author. It's got a big stigma against it in the industry and extremely difficult to ever get your work into bookstores. I know some very good authors who've had some success, but self publishing successes are still not successful by industry standards...the great self published authors I know, are generally trying to use that success to gain Trade Publisher attention. Since I have a foot in the door by having a good agent, I'm hoping to see success that way, but it is a waiting game. I'm still waiting on Rise of Lucin to break out (it has publisher interest, but no contract yet), and Now my new series is coming up to bat as well, Ethan Hawk and it already has publisher we'll see what the Lord does!

Justin B. said...

Both books sound great and I really can not wait to divulge in either. Hopefully publisher interest sprouts!!