Monday, March 05, 2007


Have you heard about the latest archeological discovery?! Forget the Jesus find--here's a real bombshell!

Scientists have just uncovered a tomb in the arctic north which contained the bones of several people! One was a big boned male along with a female and the bones of a smaller person nearby.

Cryptic writings on the tomb have been deciphered to read, "The Kringles."

That's right folks, scientists are working on DNA evidence and expect to confirm very shortly the discovery of the real Santa Clause and his wife, Mrs. Clause. The smaller set of bones is expected to reveal ELF DNA!

What a devestating blow this will be to the world...while believers all over the world have already said that they still believe Santa to be alive and well, hidden at the North Pole in his workshop, skeptics are already signaling the end of Christmas as we know it.

I'm sorry....really I'm not...we who are born again should remain steadfast in the face of such ridiculous unfounded "discoveries" like we've been seeing in the news recently. Friend, a scientist could just as easily say they had discovered old Chris Kringle, because DNA testing is a comparitive, you need a genuine sample to compare it with. I'm sorry to tell them that they'll have to wait for the second coming to get one!! Praise the risen Savior!


Becky said...

James, very clever! Interestingly, I was planning on blogging on the "disccovery" today, too. I just read the resurrection account in Luke as part of my devotions and was struck by just how ridiculous this "news" of Jesus's bones is.


Sarah Onderdonk said...

James, this is a marvelously creative way to frame the truth! Thank you for this!!


James Somers said...

Yeah, but now what are we going to do about Christmas this year?!

David said...

I love it! Few people could take the lies of the enemy and turn it back on him as you have done. Bravo!

I asked a woman how they could take the body of Jesus from the cross (at around 3 PM) transport it to this village, prepare it for burial, bury it and return before sundown, because that's when Sabbath began. No Jew was going to be walking around breaking the Sabbath, which is one of the reasons Jesus WAS in the tomb of Joseph of Arimethea. Of course He was just passing through.


Eve Nielsen said...

Great post, James!
About Christmas...I think someone must have found out a while ago, because I've seen many Santa impersonators *grin*