Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chronicles of Soone 2 Update*

LOOOK! It's a bird...It's a's Super...uhm, well, yeah, it is a plane. Sorry.

If you're just standing around waiting for the next Chronicles of Soone novel to come out later this year, then I have good news!

The awesome new cover is nearly complete for The Chronicles of Soone: The Rise of Lucin. The book is going into the editing phase as we speak and we'll be having an advance showing of the new book cover here on the blog, very soon. Now, the new cover will be slightly incomplete as it will be finalized with some author reviews and blurbs that will grace it by the time of press, but you will get the ARC (advance reader copy) view and man does it look good so far.

Authors who have already laid claim to an ARC of "The Rise of Lucin" for review and cover blurb purposes are: Wayne Thomas Batson (The Door Within trilogy), R.W. Ridley (The Oz Chronicles series), Sarah Onderdonk (Little Sins, Big Problems), and our good friend Jeremy Robinson (Raising the Past & The Didymus Contingency).

The Christian Science Fiction Fantasy blog tour is coming up on January 22nd, for Wayne Thomas Batson's Door Within trilogy and we'll be having a three part - three day interview with Mr. Batson during the tour. The next post after the last portion of Wayne Batson's interview will reveal the new Chronicles of Soone cover.

I hope you will all join us for the blog tour and Wayne Batson's interview and then be sure to check back the next day for the unveiling of the cover for, The Chronicles of Soone: The Rise of Lucin.

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Sarah Onderdonk said...

Great blog, James!